Tunnel Vision Hoops Creates a Partnership for the Earth

Tunnel Vision Hoops has recently worked out a deal with The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Earth Day Coaltion to create a spotlight for local food at the upcoming EarthFest at the Zoo on April 22nd. The celebration at the zoo is Northeast Ohio's largest Earth Day celebration, and is now slated to have a 20' x 72' Tunnel Vision Hoops High Tunnel Hoop House installed for the weekend to draw attention to the importance of season extension in producing food year round. The tunnel will also act as the focal point of the Earth Day event, which is focusing on local food as the general theme for the environmentally focused event.

After the Earth Day event ends the 20' x 72' High Tunnel Hoop House will then be transformed into a 20' x 72' system with All-Season Retractabe Dome's at each end of the tunnel, side-door entrances, roll-up sides, and a second layer of poly with the Tunnel Vision Hoops' Greenhouse Spacer Blocks; the tunnel will be installed at The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Ohio City Farm location. It will be the County's third Tunnel Vision Hoops High Tunnel Hoop House, and the second Tunnel Vision Hoop House at Cleveland's Ohio City Farm. 

Check out Earth Day Coalition's website for more information, and to read the press release. 


EarthFest logo by Ralph Solonitz


Todd Alexander