TVH Partner Michael Walton Testifies in Front of Congress

Tunnel Vision Hoops partner Michael Walton testified in front of the House Agriculture Committee on May 5th to bring attention to Urban Agriculture, and the role it could play in the economic landscape of farming nationwide. Walton, in addition to Tunnel Vision Hoops, owns and operates League Park Market Garden, a quarter acre entrepreneurial market farm in urban Cleveland. Being able to discuss the work of League Park Market Farm and Tunnel Vision Hoops to the Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight & Credit allowed members of the Subcommittee to factor urban agriculture in discussions that were taking place for the reauthorization of the Farm Bill and USDA credit programs. 

At the hearing Congresswomen Marcia Fudge stated, "Urban farmers are legitimate agricultural producers who happen to live and farm outside of the traditional rural environment. They are filling an increasingly important role in the economic well being of urban areas, and provide healthy nutrition for many who would otherwise not have access to it." 

Regardless of how the Farm Bill and USDA credit programs turn out, Tunnel Vision Hoops and the urban agriculture movement in Cleveland, Ohio are proud that Michael Walton was able to give the perspective on behalf of city farmers nationwide. 

Todd Alexander