Basket-Hanging Purlin Kit

  • Galvanized Steel Tubing attaches to tunnel truss supports and allows more hanging hooks to be hung
  • Heavy Duty Steel hanging hooks work perfectly for most commercially available hanging pots
  • Increase your High Tunnel Hoop House production capacity by installing as many as four Basket Hanging Purlins in your tunnel
  • Sold in 8 ft. incremental sections that extend 6" beyond traditional 4 ft. bow spacing

Grow vertically and increase your growing space with the Basket Hanging Purlin Kit. Have as many Basket Hanging purlins as your tunnel structure allows - Call a Tunnel Vision representative today to talk about how many Basket Hanging Purlins you can fit inside your High Tunnel Hoop House; standard 20 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall High Tunnel Hoop Houses can comfortably fit 4 interior purlins for basket hanging. Why waste the vaste volume of space in your tunnel, grow aboe ground too!

  • 1.315" OD Steel Tubing for hanging hooks and pots to hang on
  • 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" Cross Connector Truss to Basket Purlin Connector
  • Requires Roof Supports for Assembly (see Truss Kit and Truss Support Kit)