Brace Kit

  • Withstand greater windloads
  • Maintain the vertical alignment of your endwalls
  • Each kit includes four 10 ft. 6 in. 1.315" galvanized Steel Tubing cross brace units, pressed steel cross brace cups, nuts and bolts, and installation instructions
  • Have a smaller tunnel and want cross braces? Call for pricing.

Cross Braces are structural components that come standard with Tunnel Vision Hoops structures; they help our tunnels withstand greater wind loads and maintain vertical alignment. We offer a simple Cross Brace Kit to help tunnel owners incorporate this structural component into their previously built tunnel(s) that lack them. We recommend all tunnel users include cross braces in their systems. Traditionally, one cross brace is at each corner of the tunnel, although additional cross braces can be added periodically throughout the length of the system for increased strength and piece of mind. 

  • Standard Cross Brace Kit includes Four cross brace units; one for each corner of your tunnel
  • Each cross brace unit is 10 ft. 6 in. long
  • 1.315" OD Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Pressed Steel Cross Brace Cup plus Brace Band Connection