Purlin Corrector Kit

  • Adds wind bracing, and consistent hoop spacing throughout tunnel's length
  • Bolt feeds though End Wall brace band and through the purlin itself
  • Brace Band size varies depending on diameter of your tunnel's hoops
  • Installation instructions included
  • Full Purlin's also available for purchase. Call for pricing.

All Tunnel Vision Hoops systems use a Brace Band / Nut and Bolt connection from the tunnel purlin(s) to the tunnel end-hoop(s). For tunnel owners who have systems that do not include purlin's, or that include purlins that attach weakly to the tunnel end hoop, this Kit can add wind bracing, and help ensure consistent hoop spacing throughout the length of the tunnel.

  • Galvanized Steel brace band plus Nut and Bolt
  • Purlin Corrector Kit compatible for 1 3/8" 1 5/8" or 2" Galvanized Steel Tubing