Snap Clamps

  • Includes a set of ten 1" x 4" Snap Clamps
  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Attaches to Galvanized Steel Tube (See "Description" below for more information)
  • Attaches to PVS Piping (See "Description" below for more information)

These 1" x 4" Snap Clamps can easily used to secureo agricultural plastics, fabrics, and screens to 1.315" OD Galvanized Steel Tube, 1.66" OD Galvanized Steel Tube, or 1.90" OD Galvanized Steel Tube.

These clamps are excellent when used to secure Greenhouse / High Tunnel Plastic to Tubing in order to create Roll-Up Sides for your tunnels. (driving pan-head TEK Screws through the Snap Clamps and into the Roll-Up Pipe create long lasting, well secured Roll-Up Sides for your Greenhouse, Farm Tunnel, or Backyard System). 

These clamps are great to use as temporay securement of your End-Wall Plastic before pulling the top plastic covering over your structure - this allows you to use only one "run" of Wiggle Wire, Poly Wire, etc. when securing your top and End-Wall Poly Covers. 

Snap Clamps can also be used to create fast partitions on the interior of your tunnel(s). Whether creating a partition to divide between crops, a wash station, or heated and un-heated portions of your tunnel, these snap clamps go on quickly, do not damage your hoops, and are removable if necessary. 

Please call (330) 283-5717 for pricing. 

  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install - No Additional Tools Required
  • Secures Greenhouse Poly Film Covering
  • Secures Shade Cloths
  • Secures Insect Screen