Bumbleberry Fields; be Cool...be Cool

Bumbleberry Fields in Oberlin, Ohio purchased a 20 ft. x 48 ft. High Tunnel Hoop House from Tunnel Vision Hoops (TVH) in the summer of 2011. We at TVH had a great time in rural Oberlin building the structure; a beautiful farmscape, a hard working farmer, and blueberry's as far as the eye could see. So, when Bumbleberry Fields reached out to TVH to install two Walk-in Commercial Cooler units for her farm we jumped at the opportunity to get back out there. 

Using an existing closet that was attached to the farm garage many years back we had a template to work with for the cooler installation. The space TVH was dealing with was roughly 8 ft. wide x 16 ft. long with an oddly sloped ceiling. Our goal: To retrofit the space with two separate walk-in coolers that could be cooled independent from one another. 

After having a little fun removing a wall that separated the garage from the closet space, we were able to frame out the coolers, weather seal, add layers of insulation and plastic, and slowly layer them up until we had ourselves two hyper-insulated cool rooms. Sliding glass doors, independent lighting, and center of the room floor drains finished these systems off, and ensured that Bumbleberry Fields would be able to store some of the blueberrys that come off the more than 1,200 blueberry plants that are growing just feet from the coolers.