OSU Kinsman Farm

Tunnel Vision Hoops is a large supporter of small / medium size producers as well as urban and peri-urban food production. For this reason, TVH was very excited to develop infrastructure as a vendor for The Ohio State University BEAN Project. This is the Beginning Entrepreneurs in Agricultural Networks Project that is located in the heart of Cleveland's Eastside. This project functions as a business incubator for beginning farmers by supplying quarter acre plots to be operated as market farms. The farm as a whole is called Kinsman Farm. There is an application process for these farmers, but the idea is that although each farmer will be responsible for their own business plan and marketing shared resources will help cut start-up costs. Shared waters supply, fencing, and season extension structure(s) are a piece of this program. 

TVH had the opportunity to be the High Tunnel Hoop House supplier for this particular project. The Ohio State University hired TVH to fabricate and install a 20 ft. x 48 ft. structure with two 6 ft. sliding doors and solar operated above door louvre vents. Currently the tunnel is available to the beginning farmers at Kinsman Farm for starting plants and getting their feet wet with season extension. As this is a farm project for training new farmers, and helping their business planning process, the use of High Tunnel will hopefully give many of the farmers at the site a first glance at incorporating a season extension structure into their own business plans once graduating from the site in three years.