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Boys and Girls Club of America Partner With Cleveland Botanical Gardens to Extend Gardening Program Growing Season

Posted by Todd Alexander on

At the end of 2014 Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC was contracted to help build a High Tunnel Hoop House as a part of the Boys and Girls Club's gardening program in Cleveland, Ohio. The program was just starting out at the start of the first project, and as TVH broke ground at the Broadway Avenue location wood chips were being spread and weed suppression fabric was being un-rolled to begin the process for turning the lot into a productive educational garden.

The structure purchased by the Boys and Girls club was a 20 ft. wide x 48 ft. long TVH Gothic Structure with all of the standard wind and snow supports, as well as an upgraded sliding door for the front end of the structure. We were also fortunate enough to have someone at the Boys and Girls club time lapse record the entire installation project so that anyone could see the process for building a TVH 20 ft. x 48 ft. Gothic Structure. You can take a look at the 2:00 minute time lapse video here: Video of Gothic Structure Installation

The second structure was installed during the summer of 2015, and was identical in size and features. Each of the High Tunnel Hoop House structures were installed with a number of fold up greenhouse benches to give the gardening program at the Boys and Girls club the ability to start seeds while planting directly in the ground. We are looking forward to seeing both of the structures, as well as the beds outside of the tunnel, filled with highly nutritious crops

Innovative Hardening House Put Up at Great Road Farm in New Jersey

In Spring of 2015, the Tunnel Vision Hoops crew had the opportunity to head out east to build a tunnel for a great farm: Great Road Farm. Yes, pun was intended. This gem of a farm is located just north of Princeton University, and is made of over 100 acres of beautiful farm land that [...]

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High Tunnels Go Up at Iron Roots Farm in Urban Youngstown Ohio

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) has been doing a great deal to curb the issues surrounding vacant houses in the city, and has come up with a number of programs to spark economic development. Iron Roots Farm is one of those programs. Put into motion to jump start education and to give a working [...]

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A Second TVH High Tunnel Goes Up at Gray Fox Farms in Hudson Ohio

Any project we are hired to do by a previous customer is a job that makes us feel warm inside. We are very grateful for any customer, but repeat customers give us some form of physical proof that we did a great job the first time. When we were called by Gray Fox Farm in [...]

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Ohio City Farm Becomes an Example of Four Season Farming With High Tunnel Production

For those reading this, Refugee Response is a Cleveland, OH based organization that provides job training for refugees. One of the projects of the organization is to provide job training in agriculture. To affectively carry out this training, Refugee Response farms around two acres of land in Cleveland, OH selling the produce direct to customers [...]

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Wyoming Breaks into High Tunnel Production at the Anderson Ranch in Riverton

In the Spring of 2013 we had the unique opportunity to head West and do a project far from our headquarters in Northeast Ohio. We were contacted by a couple of Ranchers in the great State of Wyoming to get them some pricing on a 20 ft. Wide x 48 ft. Long Gothic Profile Commercial High [...]

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Youngstown Community Garden Ramps Up Production with a Tunnel Vision Hoops High Tunnel

Urban Community Victory Garden, located in Warren, Ohio, is a community garden that is truly "grassroots" in nature. Growing steadily over the past two years the garden reached a point where it decided that season extension efforts were needed. Over 80 plots for members of the Warren community checker the landscape full of every crop [...]

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Bumbleberry Fields; be Cool Cool.

Bumbleberry Fields in Oberlin, Ohio purchased a 20 ft. x 48 ft. High Tunnel Hoop House from Tunnel Vision Hoops (TVH) in the summer of 2011. We at TVH had a great time in rural Oberlin building the structure; a beautiful farmscape, a hard working farmer, and blueberry's as far as the eye could see. So, [...]

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Cleveland's Urban Agriculture Education Farm Steps Up to Four Season Farming - OSU Kinsman Farm

Tunnel Vision Hoops is a large supporter of small / medium size producers as well as urban and peri-urban food production. For this reason, TVH was very excited to develop infrastructure as a vendor for The Ohio State University BEAN Project. This is the Beginning Entrepreneurs in Agricultural Networks Project that is located in the [...]

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Blackberry's or Raspberries - Why not Both?1? Brickel Creek Organic Berry Farm gets Two TVH Tunnels

Brickel Creek Organic Berry Farm, located in rural Jamestown, Ohio, recently purchased two 20 ft. x 58 ft. High Tunnel Hoop Houses with a number of features that will help Brickel Creek Owner / Operator Sue Borton expand the capacity and scope of her farm's production. Sue Borton's farm officially became the site of the first [...]

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