Spacer Blocks - For Double Layers


Greenhouse Spacer Blocks for Double Layer Covering Systems

Greenhouse Spacer Blocks allow growers to enjoy the benefits of a double layer insulated greenhouse, hoop house, or high tunnel without the need for electricity and a constantly running fan. 

Spacer Blocks are mounted to each of your interior hoops, roughly every two feet along the hoop. Doing this will create a permanent 5" dead air space between layers that insulates your structure more fully than a single plastic layer. Having two layers over top of your structure with a consistent spacing between them will allow your structure to maintain temperature longer, and will also increase the diffusion of light that is entering through the top cover; these benefits are among those experienced by growers that use Greenhouse Spacer Blocks on their structures.  

Install spacer blocks along the peak of your structure at each hoop, and space the blocks two to three feet toward your Baseboards, ending 2 ft. above your Baseboard or Hip Channel (depending on how your structure is set up. The Greenhouse Spacer Blocks are sold in 12, 24, and 48 quantity boxes; please don't hesitate to send us an online submission form if you have a questions about how many blocks to include in an order for your structure. 

Enjoy the benefits of a double layer covered structure without having to pay for the cost of running electricity to your structure, the monthly electric bills, or the constant hum of the more typically used Inflation Blower Fans.

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