Tunnel Vision Hoops (TVH) is a High Tunnel Hoop House design, manufacture, and installation company based out of Northeast Ohio.

Born from Cleveland's local food movement, TVH works on season extension because we beleive in the power of food. Food is a connector. Food is something we all have in common. Food is more than just nutrients we eat to stay alive. Food is culture. Food is family. Food is what people fall in love around. For us, designing, fabricating, and installing season extension structures is a way to give farmers and families the ability to provide food. Real food. In our minds, season extension is about small farmers and families wanting opportunities; opportunities to grow year-round, opportunities to bring in more revenue, and ultimately the opportunity to lead less stressful more enjoyable lives. Happy farmers are more likely to continue growing good food, and food is what we believe in at Tunnel Vision Hoops. 

Our Story

In 2009, Michael Walton had an old fashioned barn raising to help put up a hoop house on his farm. He bought the instructions off the internet, invited 30 of his friends and fellow farmers (Carlton Jackson and Todd Alexander among them), and brought his drill and tools for the installation day. The install and instructions he had bought proved to be more difficult than originally anticipated, and at the end of the day all that remained were Carlton, Todd, and Michael standing around a half completed hoop house. After a week of construction and tinkering the hoop house was completed, but the three men were left to ask each other, "why should everyone out there have to go through this?"

From 2009 to 2010 Carlton, Michael, and Todd brainstormed, sketched, designed, and fabricated hoop house structures that incorporated speedier installation, rain water harvesing, easy full end-wall ventilation, and a mobile ready base frame. From 2010 to the present TVH has done business throughout the country, selling season extension structures and accessories for farmers and families.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple; provide solutions for farmers and families that allow them to lead less stressful more enjoyable lives.