Backyard Greenhouses

Not all greenhouse growing needs to be for others, and with a high quality durable Backyard Greenhouse Kit growing your own food through more seasons is now possible and approachable. Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC (TVH) offers a variety of greenhouse structures for homesteaders and avid gardeners that are designed to stand up to the inclement weather of the Midwest and Ohio's snow belt while still providing the compact growing spaces required of backyard Greenhouse models. 

Whether looking to harvest salad greens through the coldest months of the year, or wanting to grow perfect tomatoes and cucumbers, the TVH Backyard Greenhouse kits supply high quality and affordable structures that are easily assembled by builders of all skill level. 

A full spec list for each width of Backyard Greenhouse can be found by clicking on a thumbnail below. Interested in a slightly larger structure for your homestead or backyard? Take a look at our robust 17 ft. wide High Tunnel Hoop House DIY Kit, or send us an email at and we can help figure out what structure is right for you.