Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC (TVH) designs and manufactures high tunnels, hoop houses, greenhouses and other agricultural infrastructure. We sell DIY hoop house and high tunnel kits nationally, and design our structures to stand up to unpredictable, and often inclement weather of the Midwest.

At our founding, we offered just one primary width of structure, and offered its sale with affordable professional installation included. Today, our expanded array of offerings help farmers and growers become more productive in their efforts. Here is some information about us:

  • We have 11 different widths of growing structure 
  • We offer various mobile high tunnels and greenhouses 
  • We have quonset and gothic style structures
  • We officially hold a patent for our unique anchoring and hoop mounting system
  • We offer all of our structures in DIY Kit packages with easily followed instructions
  • We are a national distributor of farm materials and supplies for both the builder and grower
  • and MORE!

Our mission is to supply farmers and growers with the materials and supplies they need to grow more food, make more money, and as a result live less stressful, more enjoyable lives. 




Carlton Jackson, Co-Owner 

Carlton has worked tirelessly throughout the last decade to use his attributes to make improvements to the food system. His approach to the food system is from the point of view that the world is adding people, and that we need to move away from monoculture commodity based production in order to feed the world. His efforts in being a founding partner of Tunnel Vision Hoops, and a catalyst for local food systems change in Northeast Ohio has been the way he has worked to help create a food system that can take on the challenge of increased food production. carlton@tunnelvisionhoops.com / (833) 886-6351 ext. 5


Todd Alexander wrapping up a build in North Carolina

Todd AlexanderCo-Owner 

Todd is a founding partner with Tunnel Vision Hoops, and got involved because of   his farms' needs for a High Tunnel (Central Roots Farm) in Cleveland, OH; the one acre for-profit farm served local restaurants, sold at a farm stand, and had a thirty person CSA program. Part of the CSA program's intrigue was its extension into the beginning of January; this was possible with a mix of storage crops and High Tunnel produced vegetables. Due to the experiences gained around extending a CSA into early January, Todd has presented multiple educational presentations around this topic, specifically at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association conference in Ohio, as well as the Indiana Small Farmers Conference. todd@tunnelvisionhoops.com / (833) 886-6351 ext. 6


ShawnShawn Belt, Lead Fabricator / Shop Manager

Shawn Belt joined Tunnel Vision Hoops in 2015 to help with the production of DIY Kits and shop processes. In addition to Shawn's efforts with Tunnel Vision Hoops, he is an experienced farmer that continues to consult farming efforts locally on how to maximize production and efficiency. Shawn's farming efforts are broad; he has worked in the non-profit sector as Farm Manager for The Cleveland Botanical Garden's Green Corp Program, as well as the Farm Manager at Ohio City Farm's Refugee Response, and he has also farmed as the Farm Manager for Spice Acres, the for-profit farming arm of Spice Catering. Shawn continues to consult and grow food in Northeast Ohio. We are proud to have Shawn as a team member. shawn@tunnelvisionhoops.com / (833) 886-6351 ext. 4