Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of Frequently asked questions. If you find that there is something you have a question about that is not addressed here, please submit an online submission form through the Contact Us page of our website.  

Q: Is Tunnel Vision Hoops a Greenhouse Manufacturer?

A: Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC (TVH) designs and manufacturers greenhouses, high tunnels, hoop houses, and mobile greenhouse structures. 

Q: Do you sell your DIY Greenhouse Kits anywhere in the US?

A: All of our DIY Kits can be sold and shipped anywhere in the United States. The cost of shipping varies based on the components included in the DIY Kit, as well as the location it is shipping to. To view the standard widths we offer you can view our available structure options hereShipping to Alaska and Hawaii

Q: Do you ship your DIY Greenhouse Kits to Canada and the Caribbean?

A: Yes. We ship our greenhouses, high tunnels, and caterpillar tunnel DIY kits to customers in Canada and the Caribbean. Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC works with a customs broker that provides assistance in the calculation of shipping quotes. The quoting process requires us to have your FULL ship-to address if you live in one of these locations. You can request a quote here

Q: What is the lead time from date of purchase to the date my DIY Greenhouse Kit ships?

A: Standard turn around time from date of order until date your structure leaves our facility is 15 to 20 business days. We manufacture these in-house and to-order. 

Q: What is the smallest structure TVH sells?

A: The smallest greenhouse, or hoop house, we sell is 10 ft. wide x 12 ft. long. This model of structure, and our other backyard structures can be found by following this link: backyard growing structures

Q: What is the largest structure TVH sells?

A: The largest greenhouse, or high tunnel, we sell is 30 ft. wide and the length is determined largely by the grower. For example, we don't have a set limit on the length of the structures we are selling. To view our 30 ft. wide structures visit the link here: 30 ft. wide Structures

Q: How high are the sidewalls of your structures?

A: Sidewall height for our structures vary, but our standard offerings are 4', 6', and 8' tall sidewalls. These sidewall heights vary depending on the type of structure you are requesting. 8 ft. sidewall heights come with additional bracing

Q: Does TVH sell mobile greenhouse structures?

A: Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC designs and manufacturers a number of mobile greenhouses; wheel based systems and sled based systems are both available depending on a growers specific needs. Email us through our contact us  page for more info. 

Q: Does TVH provide stamped engineer drawings with structures?

A: TVH can work with customers that require stamped engineered drawings for their project on a per project basis. Additional fees are associated with this process. It is best to notify us of your need for stamped drawings PRIOR to requesting a quote since your municipalities wind and snow load requirements may inform structure design criteria, which can impact pricing.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted for structure purchases?

A: Wire Transfer, ACH Draw, Personal or Business Check, Credit Card, and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment for structure purchases. 

Q: Does TVH offer financing for structures?

A: We do offer financing through a third-party financing company, Crest Capital. You can visit our financing portal here