Caterpillar Tunnels

Caterpillar Tunnels have become popular as an inexpensive way to add protected growing space. Farmers across the country are using Caterpillar Tunnels to plant earlier in the Spring, extend the harvest season into Winter, and to grow lettuce and salad greens under a shade cloth covered Caterpillar Tunnel.

At a low cost per square ft. Caterpillar Tunnels offer an easily installed structure that has a very fast payback period. In other words, depending on what crops are being grown in the structure, the harvest(s) will very quickly pay for the price of the structure, and its investment will begin to pay dividends in the form of increased revenue generation. 

Adding weeks to your planting schedule equals increased income. View the full specs of our Caterpillar Tunnels by clicking on the product image below, and consider making an investment in your farm today. Want a custom length? Feel free to email us directly for custom pricing: