Round Hoop Houses

The term "Hoop House" tends to be the term used when referring to round Quonset style structures. Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC (TVH) manufacturers both peaked and round models of growing structure, and in order to provide a wide variety of structures and price points for our customers, we have designed our round Quonset style Hoop Houses in a variety of widths, and with the same wind and snow bracing that our larger peaked style "gothic" High Tunnels use. 

Our Quonset Hoop Houses have been designed to stand up to inclement weather of the Midwest while providing a number of price points and option upgrades for all budgets and growers. Beginning farmers and backyard gardeners alike will find great value in our top of the industry round Hoop House models. All of our Round Hoop House DIY Kits come with full instruction sets, comprehensive customer support, and ship anywhere in the USA. 

View any of the structure widths below to see a full spec list of our standard package, or just shoot us an email and a sales person will work with you to put together your dream structure: