100 % Financing for High Tunnels, Hoop Houses, and Greenhouses

We have often been asked about whether we offer financing for our structures, and as a small business that has bootstrapped the entire way, we sometimes haven't been able to accommodate customers with the financing they need in order to fully invest in their farm. That said, we can now officially say we offer Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC (TVH) tunnels with 100% financing for qualified customers. TVH has partnered with a selection of third party financing companies that provide competitive loans for season extension structures and building materials. 

While financing may not be best for all customers there are benefits to using financing for a structure purchase that are sometimes overlooked. Financing a structure can:

1) Allow a farmer / grower to hold onto cash flow

High Tunnels, Hoop Houses, and other agricultural infrastructure often requires a size-able up front investment in the form of a large purchase. Having access to financing for this purchase may allow growers to spread the total amount owed over a longer period of time in order to decrease the burden of a large up front payment. Making many smaller monthly payments instead of one large lump sum payment may help in the managing of other farm operations and purchases that need to be made on a continual basis.

2) Allow a farmer to pay off the structure as it is producing income

A main benefit of growing structures are their payback period. That is to say, High Tunnels and other season extension infrastructure increase capacity and productivity of a farm, and allow for additional income to be generated. In other words, if used well, season extension structures generate revenue for growers. In this sense, financing a structure can potentially make paying off the cost of a structure a bit easier since additional income can be experienced from the use of the tunnel itself. 

If you have been needing season extension structures, but have been hesitating because of cash flow, financing may be an option worth considering. Here are the steps you would need to take in order to get a price on a structure, and finding out if financing can work for you:

Step 1: visit our financing portal and fill in the appropriate information: Portal Found Here

Step 2: Crest Capital will receive the information your filled out in our Financing Portal, and any additional information will be exchanged directly with Crest Capital.

Step 3: Results of the application will be determined in a short time frame, and if all is confirmed, a purchase can be made via available credit from the financing company.

If you want to go through the process of determining whether you would qualify for any of our financing programs please visit the portal linked above, or you can call us at (833) 886-6351, and one of our customer service reps will walk you through the steps over the phone.