30 ft. wide High Tunnel DIY Kit

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Our 30 ft. wide peaked / gothic profile High Tunnel Kits are among the strongest in the industry. Ground post anchors and hoops are comprised of heavy gauge, large diameter tubing, and our 30 ft. wide structures can be configured to have 4', 6', or 8' sidewall heights. All structure quotes can be outlined for the individual needs of our customers, however, our standard package High Tunnels come with all materials necessary to completely install the structure; in other words you will not need to source lumber, greenhouse plastic, or plastic attachment hardware if you purchase a full package structure kit from Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC.

Our structures are NRCS approved.

Benefits of a Tunnel Vision Hoops DIY Kit:

  • Clear instructions that include pictures and step by step processes for installation
  • Best-in-Industry Technical Support - if you bought a DIY Kit get help 7 days a week
  • Structures include pre-drilled units, and pre-cut units wherever possible. For example, end-wall kits include cut-to-size steel end-wall framing 
  • Our DIY Kits can be configured in countless ways that will work for your operation; numerous available entrance doors, ventilation options, and growing platforms
  • Designed to stand up to weather across climates

Standard Packages

If you are wanting to purchase a full package, all inclusive structure, below is a spec list of our standard packages. Standard packages come in any length; for a quote on a standard package please email info@tunnelvisionhoops.com

  • Ground Posts - Manufactured from 2.197” OD 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Tube
  • Hoops - 4', 6' or 8' side walls - constructed from 1.90” OD 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Tube
  • (5) Full Length Purlins – 1.315” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Interior Truss’s – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing – Every Other Interior Hoop
  • Truss Supports – [W – Style] 1.315” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing - Four per Truss Unit
  • (4) Steel Tubing Cross / Wind-Braces – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tube – One Per Corner
  • (8) Bow Braces / Peak Hoop Braces – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tube – Eight Total
  • (2) 2” x 2” Galvanized Steel Square Tube End-Wall Packages
  • (1) Front End-Wall Personnel Door 36” x 80”
  • (2) 30” x 30” Aluminum Shutters with Solar Wax Tube Operators
  • (1) 4 Year 6 mil Greenhouse Plastic – Covers Ends and Top – IRAD Plastic on Top Cover
  • (2) Full Length Roll-up Sides with manual Gear Box operated dual side ventilation
  • (2) Full Length Roll-up Side anti-billow securement packages
  • Full Length Double Channel Aluminum Hip Rail
  • Full Length Metal Base Board

Commonly Requested Components / Building off Our Standard Package

Regardless of how customers want their DIY Kits, our 30 ft. wide tunnels all come with a base selection of high quality materials that are necessary for the structural integrity of the DIY Kit. While those components and features always remain the same, all of the other features of the structure are highly flexible, and DIY Kits can all be configured in a way that works well for your farm or homestead. Whether your farm requires a large equipment door, a natural gas heater, or thermostatically controlled ventilation, our structures provide the ideal template to create your optimal growing environment. 

Quoting and Purchasing

  • Email info@tunnelvisionhoops.com with the length of structure you need, and any unique needs such as thermostatically controlled ventilation, or heaters, etc. If you would like a shipping estimate please provide your shipping zipcode as well
  • All major forms of payment are accepted, although there is a 2.7% service fee for our DIY Kits when the purchase is made via credit card. Personal checks and bank checks are accepted as well.
  • High Tunnel packages have a standard lead time of 15 to 20 business days from time of payment until date of shipping
  • Most High Tunnel systems ship via Partial Truck Load (PTL); this means that half of a standard 18 wheeler is rented out for the transport of the structure. The reason we use this mode of shipping is outlined more below

More on Partial Truck Load Shipping (PTL)

  • The reason we ship via Partial Truck Load shipping is that it allows us to send larger steel components and hoop sections to our customers; larger individual steel components and hoop sections means you will have less connection points to make with screws and bolts (easier installation). Having larger individual steel components and hoop sections also means you will have a stronger structure since the entire structure as a whole will have less vulnerable connection points. 

Available Lengths 

  • Any length over 32 ft. is available with our typical hoop spacing being 4 ft. between bows
  • As the length of a greenhouse structure increases it will become more and more important to incorporate additional ventilation features into your structure. Keep this in mind when planning and budgeting for your structure




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