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Each of our standard 20 ft. wide DIY Greenhouse High Tunnel Kits come with all materials required to completely assemble your structure. Below is a full list of components coming standard with our 20 ft. wide DIY Kit. If interested in upgrades please send us an email through our "Contact Us" Page. 

Spec List for 20 ft. wide Round Greenhouse DIY Kits

Below are the various features that come standard as a part of our 20 ft. wide high tunnel hoop house DIY Kit. The specifications are broken down into important structure categories below. 


Anchors - Baseframe (patented 1.90" OD galv. steel) or Ground Post Anchors (1.66" OD galv. steel)

Hoops / Bows - 4 ft. spacing, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Trusses - Every interior bow, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Truss Supports - two (2) per truss , 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Purlin - (3) Full length purlin, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Corner Braces - (4) corner braces, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Peak Hoop Braces - (2) per end, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Hardware and Fasteners - All brackets, hardware and fasteners required 


Framing - 2" x 2" Square Steel Tube, 16 gauge galv. steel tube

End-Wall Braces - (2) per end, 1.315" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

Hardware and Fasteners - Includes all brackets, nuts, bolts, and more 

Note: end-wall framing is pre-cut to size where possible


Operators - U-Joint Handles

Hip-Rail - Aluminum Double Channel Hip Rail

Baseboard - Galvanized Steel Baseboards

Anti-Billow - Polyester anti-billow rope and Hardware 


Single Layer - 4 year 6 mil IRAD Greenhouse Plastic Top and End covers


Personnel Door - 36" x 80" pre-hung door; steel coated with top half window


24" x 24" Aluminum Shutters - Interior Install with Univent Solar Tube Operator

Why Buy a Tunnel Vision Hoops DIY Greenhouse Kit

We design and manufacture the structures we sell, and they are made with strength and longevity in mind. When you buy a Tunnel Vision Hoops DIY Kit you can rest assured you will be supported during the installation process, and will be investing in a structure that will be with you far into the future. 

About Shipping These DIY Kits 

High Tunnel packages have a standard lead time of 15 business days from time of payment until date of shipping

Structures ship on pallets via LTL freight to any destination in the United States 

To Receive a Quote

Send quote request to info@tunnelvisionhoops.com and include the following:

1) Desired Length of Structure

2) Shipping Zip Code to receive a freight quote

3) If you want a package that differs from our standard package let us know how you want your structure configured


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