Adam's Greenhouse and Produce in Covington, Ohio adds a 24 ft. x 96 ft. High Tunnel to Meet Local Demand

Our team had the pleasure of visiting Covington, Ohio recently to install a 24 ft. wide High Tunnel purchased by Adam's Greenhouse. We had done some work around the area before, but never in the heart of Covington or the nearby town of Piqua. It was a very enjoyable project, as we had the opportunity to build in "the country", which gave us a good hometown feel that we need every once in a while. We even had a chance to take in Covington's finest locally operated eatery, Buffalo Jack's. We don't want to spoil it for all of you that are going to be swinging through Covington, OH soon... BUT Buffalo Jack's is primarily famous for two things. 1) its local ownership and the fact that it's not a chain and sits in the heart of the town 2) The second reason and possibly most important, is the giant stuffed bear just inside the pub / eatery. I'm told the kids love it... All lunch aside, the build at Adam's Greenhouse couldn't have gone better, and the operation itself seems poised to continue its growth.

We had the unique opportunity to work very closely with the livestock on the farm, as the chicken coop abutted the site of the High Tunnel. The chickens were friendly, and kept us entertained as we went through the different steps of the build. Despite the number of ever-present chickens, the main job while on-site was to install a 24 ft. x 96 ft. High Tunnel with electrically operated end-wall ventilation, a larger manually operated end-wall opening, and a personnel door at the front. There are a number of pictures below that show how the tunnel looked once the build had been completed. 

The ultimate farm objective following the installation was to pack the tunnel with tomatoes to be sold at the retail store at the front of the property. Adam's greenhouse sells produce and flowers throughout the year, as well as meat options from their storefront. One small fact I learned before we left for home was that peach season is the busiest time of year at Adam's, it's hard to find a parking spot at the place, and when the dust clears at the end September the farm will have sold roughly 18,000 lbs of delicious peaches.

We'll have to wait a few months before we can return to Covington for some fruit, but here are some pictures from our installation at Adam's Greenhouse below.

The site above, after some friendly co-workers (I am referring to the chickens)

Hoops and Cross Braces going up

Another helper at the High Tunnel build site

Finished product, 24 ft. x 96 ft.

If you are reading this story and want pricing on this particular model of tunnel, feel free to call or email Todd Alexander at the contact information here:

Phone: (330) 283-5717