Bittersweet Farms in Whitehouse, Ohio adds a 24 ft. x 48 ft. High Tunnel Hoop House to Their Farm

We've done installation work for Bittersweet Farms in Whitehouse, OH on a number of occasions. On this most recent trip to the Toledo suburb...or sub-suburb as it should more appropriately be labeled, we built the second and third Tunnel Vision Hoops High Tunnel Hoop House for their group. The mission of Bittersweet Farms "is to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch." 

The High Tunnels we built are being implemented within a larger farm program that can hopefully help execute the mission of the organization. We love working with organizations that are mission driven such as Whitehouse...really impressive work they are doing on the farm there. 

The 24 ft. wide x 48 ft. wide structure pictured above is the second of that size we have built for Bittersweet Farms in three years. The main difference between this most recent structure and the first is this huge machinery/man door upgrade. 

We were lucky enough to have some great weather when building in Whitehouse, and even though we had to load and travel that morning, we were able to install the structure as well as the two double sliding doors in a day and half. These doors are 4 ft. x 8 ft. and end up creating a larger opening of 7 ft. 4 inches wide by 7 ft. 11 inches tall. This is the widest model of sliding door that we offer, and it's a great upgrade if you're looking for wind durability, and ease of entry for large groups or handicap accessibility. 

The tunnel we built here, like all other TVH Standard DIY Kits in this width, comes standard with Trusses and Truss Supports on all interior hoops, five purlins, metal end-wall framing, aluminum shutters with solar wax tube operators on each end-wall, and full length roll-up side walls. 

We look forward to hopefully returning to Bittersweet farms in the very near future to do some more work on such a great farm.