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Wiggle Wire / U Channel Poly Lock 8 ft. Section Including Wire

This particular Greenhouse Hardware item is used to firmly hold greenhouse coverings to the structures. This aluminum component was designed to hold in place materials such as Greenhouse Plastic, Insect Screen, Shade Cloth, Two Layers of Plastic, Etc. The Aluminum Channel and Poly Coated Wire:

  • Does not damage the plastic like wooden batten strips 
  • Customer can pre-drill the channel to set it up for securing to wood with wood screws
  • No pre-drilling necessary if securing hardware to Metal - simply use Self-Drilling TEK Screws
  • Every 8 ft. order comes with the associated Wire
Shipping of The Item
  • Each 8 ft. piece is considered a unit - there is no minimum order
  • Each 8 ft. piece comes with the associated length of Wiggle Wire 
  • Orders will typically ship UPS Ground or FedEx Ground



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