Double Channel Poly Lock and Spring Wire Greenhouse Plastic Attachment - 6 ft.


Double Poly Lock Channel With Spring Wire - 6 ft. Pieces

Double Poly Lock Channel is a great way to construct an all-metal Hip-Rail as a part of your High Tunnel or Hoop House. This material does not rust or decompose, so the life of the material is unparalleled. Double Poly Lock secures to metal hoops with self-drilling TEK Screws. Connect multiple lengths of Channel to each other with the included Aluminum Splicer Plates.

***Each piece of Double Channel Poly Lock comes with one connection plate and all required spring wire.***

Benefits of Double Channel

Pull your Greenhouse Plastic taught and secure with the included Spring Wire sections by weaving each trapezoidal edge into the track. This method will extend the life of your Greenhouse plastic by evenly distributing the pressure of securement along the entire perimeter of the plastic, which provides better protection from stresses put on your plastic from wind gusts.  

  • Ideal for "Metal Only" Hip Rails
  • Great For Securing Top Covers & Roll-up Sides
  • Makes replacing just side plastic or top plastic easier
  • Each Poly Lock track / run can hold up to 20 mil

What Comes With Each Unit Ordered

  • Each Unit is a 6 ft. long Double Channel Poly Lock extrusion
  • Each Unit comes with one aluminum splice connection
  • Each Unit comes with 12 linear feet. of Spring Wire

There are two ways to install this product, videos for both methods are shown below

Installing with TEK Screws Only


Installing With Nut and Bolt Attachment

Shipping of The Item
  • Each 6 ft. piece is considered a unit - there is no minimum order
  • Each 6 ft. piece comes with the associated lengths of Spring Wire 
  • Each 6 ft. piece comes with one associated splice plate
  • Material is in-stock and ships out in 1 to 3 days after order 
  • Orders will ship via FedEx Ground

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19 Reviews

Tom Oppeneer May 26th 2021

double channel lock with wire

Shipping was fast and everything came in great shape.

Melissa Mar 12th 2021


Great and sturdy product! I love that I didn't have to install it on lumbar.

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