Poly Lock Channel and Spring Wire Greenhouse Film Fastening System - 6 ft.


Poly Lock Channel and Spring Wire work together to create the best greenhouse film fastening method on the market. These 6 ft. pieces of single aluminum channel come with the associated Spring Wire, and are designed to secure Greenhouse Plastic, Insect Screen, Shade Cloth, or Two Layers of Greenhouse Plastic directly to your greenhouse hoop frame or end wall. Simply install the Poly Lock Channel and wiggle the wire back and forth over top the material you are installing and into the channel. 

Unlike using wooden batten strips to secure greenhouse coverings, Poly Lock and Spring Wire hold the plastic in place without requiring holes to be drilled through the plastic itself to secure. This hardware:

  • Does not damage the plastic over time
  • Can be screwed directly to metal using Self Tapping TEK Screws
  • Can be easily drilled at appropriate spacing and secured to lumber
  • Bends to the shape of your hoops to allow for easy install
  • Spring Wire holds the greenhouse coverings firmly, but reduces the pressure on the coverings at the point of contact
  • Spring wire is easily removed, which allows covers and plastic to be removed, and used again 
  • All units come with both a 6 ft. piece of Poly Lock Channel, and the associated pieces of Spring Wire (in 4 ft. pieces)
  • Among the best per linear ft. price on wire AND channel anywhere in the industry
  • Our Spring Wire is among the heaviest gauge Spring Wire in the industry
Shipping of The Item
  • Each 6 ft. piece comes with the associated length of Spring Wire 
  • Typically same day or one day lead time from order until date your order ships
  • Will ship UPS Ground or FedEx Ground

If you haven't used this method of greenhouse film attachment, the brief video below shows how aluminum channel is secured to metal, what kind of screw spacing should be followed, and how to execute the wiggle motion needed to use the Spring Wire portion of this product: 

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15 Reviews

Kim Mar 31st 2020

Fast shipping and great customer service!

I ordered channel lock and wire on March 20, during the pandemic (my original build plan didn't take that into consideration!) and worried about how long it would take for them to arrive--particularly as they had to come to Canada. I received them on March 26, which I thought was an excellent shipping time, even without the added complications. Also, the company emailed and then called to confirm my address, just to make sure Fed Ex would get them to my door step, which tells me they really care about customer service.

Troy Jan 16th 2020


Ordered on a Monday, arrived Friday! Product is strong yet flexible enough to bend along arch. I opted to use pan head/philips head screws to aid in 12 mil film usage. Hopefully the channel is deep enough for double 12 mil on the ends... Will update on that in the future.

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