Polycarbonate Sheeting 8 mm Twin Wall

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Twin wall polycarbonate sheeting provides increased insulation, heat retention, and is extremely durable. With 8 mm of dead air space in-between each side of every sheet, there is an increased insulation R-value when compared to single or double inflated standard greenhouse plastics. 

In addition to its insulation properties, 8 mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate is warrantied for 10 years against UV degradation with a useful life ranging between a 15 to 20 years.

This greenhouse plastic does fantastic in windy environments due to its rigid design, and because of its strength it is a popular end-wall covering for greenhouses, high tunnels, and hoop houses. Its resistance to wind damage makes 8 mm twin wall polycarbonate a great choice to reduce future maintenance. 

8 mm twin wall polycarbonate sheets:

  • Come in standard 4 ft. wide panels
  • Come in standard 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., and 14 ft. lengths 
  • Connect together with aluminum attachment hardware
  • R-value of 1.7 (for reference, inflated double layer 6 mil plastic has a 1.42 R-value)


  • Items come in a variety of lengths but will ship LTL Freight
  • Items will arrive on a pallet; pallet size is determined by sheets being ordered
  • Please allow 5 to 7 days for your polycarbonate sheets to ship out

Email info@tunnelvisionhoops.com or call (833) 886-6351 ext. 2 for a quote. 

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