Batten Straps For SOLARIG - 1,000 ft.

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Batten Strapping For SOLARIG

This product is recommended for those installing Solarig 156 and Solarig 182 greenhouse coverings. Also works great with 9 mil and 12 mil woven greenhouse coverings. This product is comprised of the same material as the SOLARIG greenhouse coverings. Installing this product on the exterior of your single layer covered structure keeps the greenhouse covering more securely installed to your frame. The additional pressure from this strapping downward on your plastic presses the plastic more firmly to the frame reducing its movement and wear and tear over its years of operation. 

  • Roll Size: 3" wide x 1000 ft. Long
  • Comes on a Hollow Cardboard Cylinder
  • Recommended with Installation of Solarig 156 and Solarig 182 Greenhouse Plastic (when using a single layer system)
  • Can be secured with Wiggle Wire and Aluminum Channel
  • Can also be used as a Roll-up Side Anti-Billow Strap to Keep Roll-up Side from Moving in the Wind


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2 Reviews

Jared Lukens-Black Jan 23rd 2021

Great product

It is tough to get the woven greenhouse cover as taught a regular poly. This product really helps improve that aspect.

Ken Smith Oct 28th 2019

Effectiveness of Product

I can see why this product is recommended, it does a fantastic job at tightening up the greenhouse roof sheeting. It is easy to work with and fits tight under the wiggle wire. I would highly recommend this product to extend the life of your roof sheeting.

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