Mobile Greenhouse High Tunnel

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Our 30 ft. wide mobile greenhouse high tunnel DIY Kits are designed for simple operation, and on-farm functionality.

Configured to maximize natural ventilation, and make movements less time consuming than other mobile structure designs.

While we can customize quotes on a per customer basis (email for a quote) our standard package mobile high tunnel greenhouse comes with the following mobility features and structural attributes:

Mobility Features

  • 30 ft. wide x 48 ft. long
  • Welded skids for hoop receiving
  • Can be configured for manual movement (wheels) or tractor pulling (no wheels) 
  • End-wall Butterfly Window Ventilation AND / OR full length roll-up sides
  • Easy end-wall adjustment at the time of moving
  • Twist earth anchor secured; quantity dependent on number of resting locations
  • Side door entrance option **makes moving the structure simpler
  • Mobility bracing to keep structure square through movements

Structural Attributes

  • Rectangular galvanized steel tube skids; 3" x 2" 
  • Sled inserts for skid ends 
  • Ground posts welded to skids; 2.197" OD 12 gauge 
  • Bows; 1.90" OD 14 gauge 
  • Corner and Peak Braces; 1.66" OD 16 gauge 
  • Trusses and Truss Supports on all Interior Hoops; 1.66" OD 16 gauge
  • End-Wall Mobility Braces; 1.315" OD 16 gauge
  • Purlins; 1.315" OD 16 gauge 
  • Metal Baseboard Hat Channel; 4.25" wide overlapping pieces
  • End-Wall Framing; 2" x 2" square steel tube 16 gauge
  • Cable and earth anchor secured

Optional Configurations

  • Various covering options; 6 mil, woven, or SolaWrap covering
  • Various end-wall covering options; 6 mil, woven, or Polycarbonate
  • Various end-wall configurations for different ventilation needs
  • and more

Shipping and Lead Times

Standard lead times from date of purchase until the date the structure ships out from our facility is 15 to 20 business days. 

Structures ship via Partial Truck Load. Please include your shipping zip code when requesting a quote so a freight quote can be provided at the time of quoting. 

To Request a Quote

To request a quote please email with your name, contact info, shipping zip code, and any specific structure features you are interested in for your mobile high tunnel greenhouse. You can also call 

1 Review

Jared Lukens-Black Jan 23rd 2021

Great product and team

I could not recommend this tunnel more highly! Tons of great features and the team at tunnel vision was always available to answer questions throughout the build and after. Super easy to move (we got the wheel kit and moved with hand operated cable pullers), and it only took two of us a few hours to install wheels, move, and uninstall wheels the first time we moved it. Also, we have had crazy winds this year, and the tunnel came through each storm without a hitch!

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