24 ft. wide High Tunnel DIY Kit

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TVH 24 ft. Gothic High Tunnels

All Tunnel Vision Hoops Standard High Tunnel packages are developed with strength and longevity in mind; high quality steel, robust snow supports , and thourough wind bracing make Tunnel Vision Hoops structures among the strongest in the industry. 

Each of our standard DIY High Tunnels comes with all materials necessary to complete the installation of your stucture. This means that you will not need to purchase lumber to frame your end walls, or lumber for your base boards. Steel End-Wall Framing and Steel Base Boards come standard with every package. Below is a full list of components coming standard with this DIY Kit Package. If interested in upgrades please send us an email through our "Contact Us" Page above. 

Spec List for the TVH 24 ft. Gothic Standard Package

  • Full Length Base Frame for anchoring / Hoop Mounting - 1.90” OD Galvanized Steel Tube
  • Dual Point Base-Wedge Anchors – Includes fittings, and 48 angle irons
  • Hoops with 4 ft. side walls - constructed from 1.66” OD 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Tube
  • All Hoops Spaced 4 ft. on Center
  • Full Length Steel Base Boards 4.75” wide x 12 ft. 3” long – Alternative to Lumber Base Boards
  • Full Length Double Channel Aluminum Extrusion Hip Rail – Alternative to Lumber Hip Rail
  • (5) Full Length Purlins – 1.315” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Interior Truss’s on Every Interior Hoop – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing 
  • Truss Supports – [V – Style] 1.315” OD Galvanized Steel Tubing 
  • Steel Tubing Corner Cross / Wind-Braces – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tube – One Per Corner
  • End-Wall / Peak Hoop Braces – 1.66” OD Galvanized Steel Tube – Eight Total
  • 2” x 2” Galvanized Steel Square Tube End-Wall Packages
  • Front End-Wall Personnel Door 36” x 80”
  • 30” x 30” Aluminum Shutters with Solar Wax Tube Operators
  • 4 Year 6 mil IRAD Greenhouse Plastic – Covers Ends and Top
  • Includes all necessary wiggle wire channel and wire
  • Full Length Roll-up Sides with manual Gear Box powered dual side ventilation
  • Complete Installation Instructions and Comprehensive Customer Support Included

NOTE: If interested in door / ventilation / or plastic covering upgrades please send us a message through our "Contact Us" Page above, or call (330) 283-5717 before ordering.

NOTE: Tunnel Vision Hoops sells high quality NRCS Program qualifying structures. 


  • High Tunnel packages have a standard lead time of 20 business days from time of payment until date of shipping
  • Most High Tunnel systems ship via Partial Truck Load (PTL) via Seneca Logistics group; this means that half of a standard 18 wheeler is rented out for the transport of the structure. The reason we use this mode of shipping is outlined more below

More on Partial Truck Load Shipping (PTL)

  • The reason we ship via Partial Truck Load shipping is that it allows us to send larger steel components and hoop sections to our customers. 
  • Larger individual steel components and hoop sections means you will have less connection points to make with screws and bolts (easier installation)
  • Larger individual steel components and hoop sections means stronger steel components and hoop sections; the less connections you need to make the stronger your structure

Available Lengths 

  • Minimum Length for this structure is 24 ft. and the maximum length is up to 144 ft. long or more (depending on your needs)
  • As length of greenhouse structure increases it will become more and more important to incorporate additional ventilation features into your structure


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