Greenhouse Cooling Thermostat

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Greenhouse Thermostats come with or without a cord, and are designed to work well in environments that are damp and moist like the interior of a greenhouse, high tunnel, or hoop house. The models that come without a cord can be hard wired for cooling components that will be able to open vents, turn on fans, and exhaust your structure. Models that come with cords allow connections to be made without an electrician as long as the ventilation components have cords that are being connected to the thermostat. 

For corded models that thermostat has a 115 Volt ground cord. Simply plug the thermostat into a grounded outlet, and you are ready to connect your exhaust fan, HAF fan, or shutters to the thermostat plug to create an electrician free operation. 

The dial allows the thermostat to engage between 40 and 110 degrees F, and the coiled stainless steel sensor provides rapid responses to the changing air temperature. 

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