Greenhouse Inflation Blower Kits with External Air Draw Tube

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Air Inflation Blower Kits are used to inflate two layers of greenhouse plastic with constant air pressure that is drawn from the exterior of the structure. These particular kits mount on the hoop of your greenhouse or high tunnel, and have hardware that allows exterior air to be drawn through a tube and blown in between the layers of your plastic. Drawing exterior air has the benefit of reducing condensation that builds up between the two layers, and as a result creates a double layer system that has a higher light transmission percentage as cloudiness is reduced. 

Each of the Inflation Blower Fan Kits with Exterior Air Tubes have the following attributes:

  • Motor mounting bracket with fasteners included
  • Either a 60 CFM (cubic feet per minute) or a 148 CFM Blower Motor
  • Tube for exterior air pulling
  • Includes cord; does not require hardwiring
  • Attachment hardware and instructions
  • Some assembly required
  • Inflation fans have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Selecting Your Air Inflation Kit

The Air Inflation Kits available here are offered with very similar hardware with the primary difference being the strength of the blower fan. For smaller greenhouses, a 60 CFM Blower Motor will draw enough air for complete inflation, while larger greenhouses and high tunnels should purchase a 148 CFM Blower Motor in order to maintain a fully inflated double layer greenhouse plastic system. For those wanting a less costly option that draws air from the interior of the structure, take a look at our standard Blower Motor Fans that come with Mount Brackets


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4 Reviews

Dwarka Bonner Jun 21st 2023

Inflation Blower

In the past what I disliked about the greenhouse attached to my bedroom wall was the noise made by the blower. Yesterday, I set up the new blower - re-using the old mounting bracket - it was easier than expected. And I was very pleased to find that the new fan operates with much less noise than the previous one. Perhaps this is in part due to having ordered the larger capacity fan, as recommended by tunnelvisionhoops over the phone when I asked about the noise. I am very pleased.

Alex May 3rd 2023

Complete kit, easy installation

Setting up the blower system was quick and instructions were clear. Inflation works quite well, fan is quiet so far.

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