Greenhouse Inflation Blower Fans With Mount Brackets and Cords


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Second Layer Plastic Inflation Blower Fan

Inflation Blower Fans are designed to mount to your hoops on the interior of your High Tunnel or Hoop House. Inflation Blower Fans pull air from the interior of your structure, and push that air through the first layer of plastic, and into the space between your first layer and second layer of greenhouse plastic. This creates an inflated space (3" to 9") between your first and second layer of greenhouse plastic. This space of inflated air acts as a form of insulation between the weather on the outside of your structure and the plants on the interior of your structure. These blower fans:

  • Are easily mounted with included mounting bracket 
  • Have a durable design
  • Come with a damper that can be used to adjust the amount of air that is entering the space between layers
  • Come standard with 120v cords for standard outlet plug in capability 

There are two models of Inflation Blower Fan available. Both have similar mounting and fan technology. The main difference between the two models is the power of the fan / amount of air being pulled into the dead air space between plastic layers. See Below Table:

VBM60PCS Round Mounting Flange, With Damper, and Cord Provided 1/60 120 60 CFM 6 ft.
VBM148PCS Square Mounting Flange, With Damper, and Cord Provided 1/30 120 148 CFM 6 ft.


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If You are Purchasing The Blower Fan You Should Also Consider a Jumper Hose:

img-6377-84366.1453818104.jpgIf you are purchasing the Blower Fan and planning on operating the fan with a Gothic (peaked) profile structure, you should consider employing the use of a Jumper Hose (or two if your structure is long). A Jumper Hose will help transfer air from the side of the tunnel that your blower fan is mounted to the other side of the structure. Sometimes pressure at the peak of the structure compromises good air transfer. The Jumper Hose can prevent this from occurring. 

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16 Reviews

EJN Jan 21st 2023

Blower Fan (VBM148PCS) 148CFM

We purchased the 148CFM fan to replace our 60CFM fan in order to find some leaks, because the latter was having trouble keeping our 30x50 gothic high tunnel inflated after a ridge of ice/snow on the center top rail remained when all other ice/snow shed off the pitch. The new fan did a good job inflating and allowing us to find several 'ice' cuts, but we will likely replace it back with the 60CFM fan, because the 148CFM is annoiably loud by comparison. We can hear it running from over 200ft away, so that is our only complaint. We will keep it as a backup. Thank you.

Tori Van Gorp Nov 15th 2022

Greenhouse Inflation Blower

Got it quickly, easy install and works great!!

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